Shannon's Peppermint Powder Laundry Soap

OK, so I cannot take all the credit for this soap recipe.  I started making laundry soap with the help of a Google search.  There are many recipe's online for homemade laundry soap.  I have been making laundry soap at home for a few years now.  It is free of dyes, perfumes, and I feel that it is much more effective then expensive store bought detergent. 

Over time I have improved the exact mix, well at least I feel like it is an improvement.  There is one ingredient variation to make it easier to source the one component that is not found in all stores.

This really could not be easier.  The money you save is substantial, there is a cost breakout down below.



 1  (3 LB.) Box Washing Soda

 1 (4 LB.) Box Borax

 1 (4 LB.) Box Baking Soda

 1/2 cup Dr. Bronner's Liquid Hemp Peppermint Castile Soap

   (OR)  2 Bars (grated) Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap *More on this Below



Measuring cup and Tablespoon

Bamboo or Wooden spoon for mixing

Container with locking lid - I use a Behren's 6-gallon steel container for larger batches

Cheese Grater - if using bar soap


Making Laundry Soap

 1) Grate bar soap with cheese grater (if using)

2) Mix all ingredients - that's it!



1 Tbsp per load.  It is a 'low suds' mix, so it is fine for HE washers as well.


Liquid vs. Bar Soap

I prefer to use the liquid soap so I can get dozens of batches with one large bottle.  If you can't find the liquid, you can use the bar soap, it works great as well.  Of course if you have patience to wait, either are available online.   




Laundry Soap also makes a great homemade gift.  Every year my family looks forward to the holidays for their peppermint scented clothes.  Put some in a mason jar and add some ribbon or a witty statement on a sticker.  You would be surprised by the reactions! 



Cost breakout

Baking soda: $2.24

Washing soda: $3.97

Borax:  $4.47

Dr.Bronners Liquid Castile Soap $1.50 (1/8th of $11.99 32 oz bottle)

Total material = $12.18


Let's now calculate how many loads per batch, and the cost per load:

Baking soda: 64 oz

Washing soda: 48 oz

Borax: 76 oz

Dr. Bronners: 4 oz

Total volume = 192 oz.

Since 1 oz = 2 Tbps, we multiple the volume by 2 to get Tbps.

192 x 2 = 384 loads per batch


Material cost  is $12.18 / 384 loads = 

$.03 per load


How does the grocery store stack up?


Tide Liquid Soap

$17.97 for 96 loads = $.18 / Load

Cost comparison $.18 x 384 loads = $69.12

Savings per batch comparing Tide Liquid to Peppermint Powder ($69.12 - $12.18) = $56.94




Tide PODS capsules

$20.47 for 81 loads = $.25 / Load

Cost comparison $.25 x 384 loads = $96.00

Savings per batch comparing Tide PODS to Peppermint Powder ($96.00 - $12.18) = $83.82


This is a considerable savings over time!