Top 5 Films That Changed EVERYTHING

Making the transition to a more plant-based diet might seem overwhelming at first.  For us, we started educating ourselves by watching documentaries. There are a lot of amazing documentaries and stories out there to be heard. Some were extreme and graphic while others were a bit more "easier to digest".  After some conversations with people as far as to why we made the change, we decided to post our "Ah Ha" moments and the films that nailed it on the head.   We decided to post our top 5 favorites and why we think these videos are life changing, (well at least for us they were).   

1) Forks Over Knives (2011)

The very first film we watched and the major reason we changed to a plant based diet.  If there is one film you should choose to watch- THIS IS IT.  This film focuses on the health benefits of removing meat and dairy from your diet.  It does not shy away from drawing a line in the sand.  Meat and dairy contribute to heart disease, diabetes and a slew of other diseases brought about by poor food choices, also know as S.A.D., the Standard American Diet.  F.O.K. is available streaming from Netflix.  One awesome review of the movie I found online was Roger Ebert's 2011 critique, which you can read here:


2) Cowspiracy (2014)

We traveled to Molloy College in October 2014 to watch a screening of Cowspiracy.  The movie is more mainstream now and is available on Netflix.  The movie is focused on exposing the ecological destruction that results from animal agriculture and how major environmental activist groups turn a blind eye to it.  It is a very powerful and moving picture.  It is also critically acclaimed and has a lot of factual scientific information.  It made this list because of the discussion of sustainable animal alternative foods.   Oh, and because it is one of my favorite movies.


3) Fed Up (2014)

Alright, it does not get any more mainstream than this.  Katie Couric produced this movie that looks at the powerful sugar lobby and America's addition to sugar.  Sugar is added to nearly all processed and packaged foods.  Here is a fun fact:  Congress says pizza is a vegetable.  Seriously???  This is a must see.


4) Vegucated (2011)

This documentary follows three cheese and meat loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks in order to get healthier.  I admit, there is a bit of animal rights propaganda here, I do not deny it.  However, there is a lot information on the health benefits of eating vegan and a little guidance on making the transition.   This one is also available streaming on Netflix, also on YouTube here:


5) Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (2010)

Two men whose bodies have been trashed by steroids, obesity and illness, document their rigorous healing path in a bid to regain their health.  This movie features a number of low sugar smoothies, including'Mean Green', which Shannon has modified and renamed the 'Green Monster'.  Check our recipe section for the super simple directions.  A Nutribullet or Vitamix is crucial.  This one is also on Netflix and currently FREE on the website!

5 1/2) Earthlings (2005)

I am doing my absolute best to keep it health based here.  There are many movies that make an enormously convincing argument based on ethical and environmental grounds.  Food Inc. is another must see, and is available streaming from Netflix.  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead also has a sequel.  One movie that has been nicknamed "The Vegan Maker" is "Earthlings", narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.  Ellen Degeneres said in a 2011 interview that this movie was the reason she became Vegan.  There are sections of this movie that are incredibly graphic.  It took a couple of tries for both Christine and I to get though it.  Sometimes, the truth hurts.  

The full length film is available on YouTube here:

DVD disc is available for purchase on Amazon here:

This is a list of films we like.  If you have a different film to recommend or wish to discuss any of the films here, please leave a comment below.  We are always looking to explore and we would like to expand our list.